Haiku on new intel mini pc

Hi!, i ve been using haiku on vm and now i want to run it on real hardware.

Im planning on buying an intel n100 (or similar cpu) mini pc, i wuold like to have wifi and sound out of the box or at least without too much tinkeing, i dont know if someone has feedback about a machine like this



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Go here and you can either check “Complete Systems” or the Wifi card and Sound separately. Whatever you get, try and make sure it has those supported.

What are you running the VM on. Is it something that you can use for your purposes? Just curious, not trying to push you one way or another…

Always depends on the chips used, but Intel are usually supported well…

Intel n100 or n200 Wireless isn’t supported (alder lake-N wireless-AC) Mediathek MT7902 isn’t too.

What’s the PCI ID? If these are in the iwm or iwx families then adding support to the OpenBSD drivers shouldn’t be too hard…

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I want it for playing with C++, i work developing C# and has been past more than 15 years since used C++ , while is possible to use via VM, the proxmox web passthrough or VNC to control machine dont feel as responsive as an Windows RDP or using harware dirctly

I think it’s the AX101 module. It’s supported by FreeBSD’s iwlwifi driver: iwlwifi(4)

I meant is it possible for you to use your host machine for Haiku. Like to dual-boot. Just an idea you may already thought of.

The iwlwifi driver is a port of the Linux driver of the same name and uses FreeBSD’s linuxkpi compatibility layer plus shims to get it to work with FreeBSD’s net80211. However it doesn’t even support 802.11n much less 11ac, as per that manpage:

the compatibility code currently only supports 802.11 a/b/g modes.

Meanwhile the iwx driver from OpenBSD (iaxwifi200 on Haiku) does support 11n and 11ac. So it would be better to just see if support could be added to that driver.

And, I think there’s multiple PCI IDs branded “AX101” so a more specific model number will be needed.

And, I think there’s multiple PCI IDs branded “AX101” so a more specific model number will be needed.

Agreed. Maybe the OP can give more info.