Haiku on Fosshub?

Just noticed that Fosshub, a software downloads site for FOSS software, offers its services to FOSS projects.

We can sign up here: Fosshub | Sign up

By joining Fosshub, we’ll be amongst other popular FOSS software and can thus get more exposure. Fosshub also serves project downloads and could also act as another mirror for Haiku images, but there is also an option to have it redirect to our website.

If you have a look at the dedicated operating systems category: FOSSHUB | Operating Systems Software.
Most of the operating systems there are based on Android-X86 and one is a Linux distro - we’d immediately stand out from the existing projects on there.

What does everyone think?

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Personally I like the fact that there is one major repository to install/download Software for Haiku, having to search at other places doesn’t make it easier (just my 2 cents).

Sorry if I confused you - I was only proposing having Haiku ISOs on Fosshub, not the hkpg software repositories.


Maybe it would be good to add some mirrors for the ISOs if possible. Haiku’s mirrors sometimes are slow for me. I’m guessing that it’s because of my location (Argentina).

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Yes, I did do some research. Unfortunately, I did not find any mirrors based in South America but if you know someone/an organisation who is willing to mirror do let me know!