Haiku on Asus eeePC Laptop?

I’ve ordered (but haven’t yet received - so I can’t test any of this just now) a Asus eeePC 4G.

The question is, will Haiku work on this machine?

Given the form-factor, it’d be a fantastic piece of kit to show Haiku off on…

I guess the primary concern is that 800x400 resolution (driven by Intel GMA graphics) won’t be comfortably supported. If the sounds and wireless network are supported, the final question is one of how well Haiku could run from flash media - preferably, the system partition would never be mounted read-write, and no swap files would be used.

Finally, does Haiku have any form of power-management/suspend support?



Don’t think it works yet. Karl VD of Haikuware.com has one and I don’t think he was able to get it to work.

Very likely the eeePC will run Haiku at some point in time.

There seems to be a booting issue which needs fixing. See here:

Any information you provide on the bug tracker may help get the issue resolved sooner.

I have an eeepc that i’ve tried running haiku on from an SD card, can’t say that it works particularily well, but there is a thread started on the eeeuser forums for it: