Haiku on alix3d3?

Hi all,

I want to use Haiku on this board :

Especially I need video “Geode LX Video driver” or “AMD Geode LX (a.k.a. GX3) PCI ID: 0x1022:0x2081” according to this site :

Any chance to run ? :slight_smile:
Right now I’m running standard i386 Debian without video…since 3-4 years without any problems.


You would only get Vesa graphics AFAIK, but Haiku’s VESA performance is very good.

You should ask on the mailing list for contributor scottmc, as he has or at least had one.


Just for the record…it runs fine on 1024x768 32 bits color.
A bit slow (which is expected), but quite ok :slight_smile:
Network is also ok.