Haiku on a ThinkPad x230 Tablet

Specs are a Core i7-3520M and 8GBs of RAM with Intel Graphics 4000, some HDA chip, and an Intel 6205 Wi-Fi card. This was done on the latest nightly build (hrev55491)

Networking : Worked, both Wi-Fi and Ethernet
Sound : Worked
Touch : Not working, would love to see otherwise
Graphics : Obviously no accleration but it felt suprisingly smooth
USB : All ports worked including USB 3.0
SD : Unconfirmed, couldn’t find a damn card lol
Ethernet : Worked
VGA : Didn’t try as Haiku doesn’t support multi-monitor setups IIRC
TrackPoint (red nub) : Worked, but the middle click scroll gesture did not sadly
Volume buttons : Didn’t work, the mute one did since it’s hardware based
DisplayPort : Same situation as VGA
Auxillary : Worked
Webcam : Not working
Microphone : Worked