Haiku on a GPD Micro PC

Hi everyone! Long time admirer of Haiku - had it running on my old 2008 MacPro and loved it.

Recently picked up a GPD Micro PC, with an Intel 4100 and 8gb of RAM, Intel integrated GPU pushing to a 6" 1280×720 display.

Was able to boot from the internal microSD slot I cloned the Haiku install disc onto - everything works great except for the screen, which it is displaying as if it were a vertical monitor (with 720x1280 resolution). You can see what I’m talking about here:

Doesn’t seem to be any orientation option in the Screen app, wondering if anyone has any clue as to how I might be able to fix this. Really want to be able to run Haiku on this thing!

Sadly screen rotation is not yet supported. It might take some time before it works…

I see :frowning: thank you for the reply! I will try to send it to an external monitor and see how that goes.

Please tell us the results.

Have you tried VESA mode?

Try auto adjust for the display mode. Worked for my lcd screen.