Haiku nightly setup problem (intel_extreme driver)


i had setup Haiku (32bit-nightly build) on a Dell optiplex 755 usff.
I had to change the hard drive and tried install it again (both 32 & 64bit nightly) but in vain. The problem is again the intel_extreme driver (i got the same white screen with error during loading intel_extreme driver). How can override this and proceed with setup?


Hit spacebar before the icon’s lit up. There you can choose failsafe videomode = VESA

I you like to have it there permanently, you have to blacklist the driver.
Disabling components of packages | Haiku Project (haiku-os.org)

Thanks, I didn’t know how to enter failsafe mode (thought it was ctrl)!

Press space Bar before the icons displayed

Hi. Another way to enable the boot menu, is holding down the Shift before the boot icons appears.

Either way (Spacebar or Shift key) is the same.

Holding Shift doesn’t work with EFI loader, so it’s best to always suggest jamming spacebar.

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Thanks @Diver for the information. I didn’t knowed that. :+1:

I have a mbr based laptop that will play an incredibly loud beep if you mash space bar too often during boot, I think one should differenciate :)

In the past, did you have a normal screen (with icons), or the same white screen? Rudolfc is working on the Intel driver , because i had only a blank screen.