Haiku nightlies boot slower than Haiku A4

Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but the Haiku nightlies for awhile now boot slower when compared to Haiku A4. I figured that eventually the issue would get fixed, but with the beta release right around the corner thought that maybe no one noticed and figured I’d raise the issue here. I’d be willing to open a bug on Trac if it’ll get some attention.

Since the introduction of the package management system a lot has changed. Many areas of haiku are now firmly structured and protected. All installed packages are activated at system start and this can have a negative impact on system boot times for many packages.

Reading through trac ticket #12258 might be of some help.
There is a script that you can download (comment 23) and install which will log actual boot times. What we found was that the difference was negligible between pre-launch daemon and post-launch daemon builds.
Alpha 4 used a completely different method of booting which only appears to be faster. Note that Alpha 4 waits for some seconds at the blue screen before tracker and Deskbar become useable.

See also ticket #12498. If you’re trying out many packages or build many packages with dependencies with haikuporter, i.e. packages get often un/installed, the “administrative” folder gets crowded which slows down boot times.

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Personally I encountered this issue as described in this ticket:
ticket #12677

For me seems that this bug was due the AHCI controller: