Haiku 'Niggles' Comments

I thought that it might be an idea for us to have a thread where users can post comments on small things in Haiku that have problems, or could do with improvements. For example, if you’ve seen spelling mistakes, small things that don’t work as they should, or have any suggestions about making the user environment easier to use, they could be posted here. Any thoughts on this?

These types of things should be covered/reported on haiku’s trac system (http://dev.haiku-os.org), however some people are unwilling to use trac or find it too confusing to use.

In this case, people could list such small problems in the hope that someone makes a ticket for it on trac for them. This would be in order for the developers to see it, as they only use trac and the mailing lists (for the most part).

One problem is this creates a disconnection between the developers and the reporter. If a developer wants to ask someone to test haiku again latter with a newer version to see if the problem is still there, then the original reporter has to be tracked down.

I meant more of design issues rather than ‘bugs’ per se, for example Tracker asks if you want to be prompted when overwriting files, but only offers the option to overwrite all the files or skip this particular file. It would be easier for the user if there were more options. Would it be possible to build a collection of ideas here and make a weekly ‘report’ on Trac?

If the enhancement is only a small detail and probably uncontroversial, Trac is the way to go. If it’s a larger issue, maybe even touching elemental philosophies of Haiku, there’s actually a mailing list to present and discuss it: The Usability & Design ML. After a short burst of activity at the end of last year, it got really quiet over there…
Anyway, be aware that this list is (contrary to some posts in forums) not for some quick drive-by tossing of ideas. :slight_smile:
Everyone interested should read through this post, outlining how things are supposed to work.