Haiku networking problem


First I want to thank the Haiku dev team for the incredible work they’ve done. It’s wonderfull to see a BeOS like OS running on modern hardware.

Well, I have installed Haiku alpha 1 on my Compaq mini 700 ef, and it’s working quite well, but I have a strange problem with the network.
On fresh boot, network is Ok, but after using the network for less than a minute, I loose all the network.
Is there any solution for this ?

What driver does that use?

There is one driver that disconnects after a short while, I can’t remember the drivers name that I was on trac.

(trac: http://dev.haiku-os.org)

try static ip to see if that works

You should file a ticket to have a developer look into it. Make sure to give your network card information which you can get through “listdev” in terminal.

Finaly I found some trace on Trac.
Same hardware as me (Broadcom).
Thanks for answering me.