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Hello and welcome to the (almost) monthly activity report for December 2019! December wasn't the busiest for Haiku code-wise, but nonetheless we saw a lot of Google Code-In contributions. This year marks the 10th anniversary of GCI, in which Haiku has participated since the very beginning.

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I think you may have him confused with his brother… it was actually X512 who made all those great fixes.

The Gerrit commits are credited to X547. It would be too easy if everyone had unique names :slight_smile:

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I always read these reports, although I understand very little of what is written. However, it’s encouraging to see progress being made, and as usual, hats off to all those whose hard work brings Haiku ever closer to its goal.

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My primary nickname is X512. Nickname X547 is used in github account, because primary nickname was already used by someone else.

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Maybe you can change your “full name” in Gerrit preferences then, that will make things easier. I’ll fix the report.

I’m trying it out for the first time in years. It seems like a nice modern system with a retro visual style. You’ve done great work. I’m thinking about putting it on an old computer for my daughter to watch YouTube videos on, but from testing in VirtualBox rendering videos is very stuttery. Also I’m concerned that she could mess up the system by randomly clicking around and banging on the keyboard. She’s messed up settings on other devices in the past. And I’d like it not to mess up my Windows install. What’s the current status on all these issues?

Also I’d like to ask which release will target customizing the UI. It looks nice enough, but I’d like a more modern and familiar look and the ability to change the appearance of the desktop icons so that they’d be legible on whatever wallpaper I choose.

“From the non-blocking issues, the most notorious one is the intel_extreme driver, which has problems on several machines with graphics chipsets ranging from the old GMA 9XX once popular in laptops and netbooks up to HD4400 from the Ivy Bridge generation of Intel CPUs.”

My old laptop where I wanted to install Haiku has Intel GMA :sob:

The intel driver is a bit hit or miss at the moment because I’m still working on it. In any case, you can fallback to the VESA driver if it doesn’t work for you.

Video playback in youtube (or webpages in general) isn’t great. I hacked up something quick to get it running but no one put the serious work needed (at least implementing fullscreen mode would make it a lot better).

I’m looking forward to it. It seems like it could be a great light system to put on my old machines to breath new life into them. Perhaps I’ll take it for a spin on them soon.

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OMG!!! Those USB issues have had me very down because they don’t let me use Haiku in my main PC, but knowing that finally fixing is being done makes me very happy ;D

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Which issues were those? (You can subscribe to specific tickets to watch when things get fixed…)

Also, most of the existing issues had (annoying) workarounds on most hardware.

calm down everything will work…

The mouse getting random moves, and the system not recognizing the Live USB at boot (I made a ticket on both I think ;p). Now when I use the mouse it runs smooth an the system can load itself from a USB drive ;D