Haiku monthly activity report - 11/2018 | Haiku Project


Welcome to the last activity report in 2018!

I notice that I have not written any report since july. Thanks to the other community members who took care of them during that period, as I was busy moving (again) to a new flat, and then visiting the USA for the GSoC mentor summit and germany for BeGeistert.

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Hi, nice news.

Can we see a screenshot from User interface on high resolution display and the new icon?



In regards to the news - I think the hardware-compatibility is one of the biggest issues that HaikuOS may face when people try to get it installed on “real stuff”. On that note, is there any news to report? Any more hardware supported by HaikuOS?


@shevy, all I can say is I’m trying to answer that question with the Haiku Computer List effort. :slightly_smiling_face: And I can honestly say Haiku runs on more computers and does it better now than Alpha 4 did.