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Hi there,

This month has been quite filled with Haiku events, including two conferences and a coding sprint.

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KDC 2017 was a great event - thanks again to PulkoMandy for organizing it!



Thanks for another great Haiku monthly progress report.

I noted that, with the improvements made to the USB3 code, some systems are said to be able to boot to the desktop from an USB3 port. Should there be a post about these systems so that 1) knows which ones can do this, and 2) users can add to it as the word spreads around?


An awesome report indeed, thanks for everyone involved and especially to @jua who made HaikuDepot much more snappy and usable!


Thanks for the nice report. Fantasically productive month for Haiku!

[quote=“Haiku, post:1, topic:6295”]
[jua] somehow missed the main building and was still wandering around in the park when I got there.[/quote]

Sounds like an AI character of a game that took a wrong turn and now wanders aimlessly through the environment and bumps into stuff. I smiled. :slight_smile:


Fantastic to read about all the progress that has been made the last month. Crossing my fingers for it to continue just so.

Sadly I still have problems with HaikuDepot in the latest x64 build.

I am getting:

There was an error enabling the repository https://eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org/haikuports/master/repository/x64_64/current


I think there are an error in the repo url: is not /x64_64/. It is: /x86_64/:


@PulkoMandy, regarding this new screen brightness control, would it be possible to expose it as a shell utility at some point? Those who don’t have a proper ACPI support will then be able to hook up some shortcuts to the corresponding F-keys.


Great work pulling off the event! Thanks for the detailed report.


Wow, that sounds like a great amount of progress! Once again, thanks for reporting it Adrien and thanks to those who choose to and are able to dedicate their time to this project!


This was the most prolific month in the modern history of haiku? or is just my perception?


I added the API to BScreen, so yes, this could be easily added to screenmode or a new command line tool. I’m leaving this as an exercise for the reader for now :slight_smile: (until I get bored of opening screen prefs to adjust it myself, at least…)


The coding sprint was 7 people working full-time on Haiku for a week, with pretty long days (something like 14 hours per day - 9AM to 12AM with two short pauses for lunch and dinner). So you can clearly see the difference between people hacking at Haiku during a few hours of their free time, and what a full-time team could achieve (although the 14 hours per day thing isn’t sustainable for more than one week - this is why we call this a “sprint”).

It also happens that a lot of work had been running in the background that was finally completed and delivered this month. I will run gitstats on the github and haikuports repos again, probably in january or february, so we can see the effect of this and GCI on the overall Haiku activity.

Thanks again to everyone who donated to Haiku inc to make the event possible (it paid for the bedrooms and food for everyone)!


LibreOffice port? o_0 I had no idea, that someone is working on it? What backend does it use on Haiku? GTK?


From my own examination, I believe a native Haiku backend is being created, the repo is found here: https://www.github.com/KapiX/libreoffice_core. Make sure to look in the haiku branch.


Yes, this is with a native backend, the VCL (LibreOffice internal toolkit) using Haiku Interface Kit directly.


The sprint seems to have been fruitful. Thanks a lot for the great sacrifice, guys.

Any chance we could hear something about the schedule for the first beta release of haiku-os?