Haiku monthly activity report - 05/2018 (ft. LibreOffice!) | Haiku Project


Welcome to the fifth monthly report for 2018! … Yes, I know, PulkoMandy usually does these. But he’s got WebKit fixes to do, and not much spare time, so this month at least he gets a break while I cover for him.

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Amazing news. Well done.


This month brings Light and Hope to the Haiku scene. Thank you for fantastic work and great achievements. You guys really rock in getting Haiku the best working environment for day-to-day usage. Thank you so much!


Thanks for writing the report :slight_smile:
It’s great to see all these news from the reader perspective. Gcc7, libreoffice, new webkit, freebsd11 drivers… lots of things we have been waiting for a long time!


Could you please add some credits to the monthly report post? The LibreOffice Qt5 backend was started by Jan-Marek Glogowski and native menu support was added by Katarina “bubli” Behrens. Bubli has created a KDE5 backend on top of the Qt5 one and the screenshot in the Haiku monthly report is of the KDE5 one. Thanks.


+1 Thanks to Jan-Marek Glogowski and especially Katarina who helped me figure out some fixes.


Thanks for writing the report :slight_smile: To the contributors, thanks for the work!


Great work…
lots of progress there!

I did not try LibreOffice yet… anyway great to have…

Don’t forget to mention Telegram… it is working nicely on my 32- and 64bit Haiku… great app to have and it is working!
Anyone could inform the Telegram team on: “https://github.com/telegramdesktop” to anounce that Telegram is working on Haiku very well… ( I don’t have and need an Github account!)

Btw.: Any news about Godot? They look for someone who takes care of the Haiku Port!?


It feels like ‘final spurt’ …
LibreOffice, meanwhile, imports M $ data (even complex page layouts) almost as well as SoftmakerOffice! Great - thank you!
Now I miss Ancestris (it was already as 0.8: http://clasquin-johnson.co.za/michel/haiku/the-hpkg-gallery/1---a/ancestris.html#previous-photo).
The professor complains that all his java apps are ‘dead’ …

@brunobastardi. Thanks for pointing out Godot!
What about eyeCU or Voptop for Haiku (instead of Skype Win)?


Wow! LibreOffice on Haiku! Thats really great news.


Voptop is available as a beta (nightly build): https://voptop.com/#platformdownload


Any idea when LibreOffice will land in the x86_gcc2 repos?


Raptor package needs to be fixed first. See http://vmpkg.haiku-os.org/master/x86_gcc2/logviewer.html?buildruns/1383/builds/28231.log


Try to add “glib-2.0” to the requires/build requires section.
Oh, it is already there.


I would check what does pkg-config --variable=prefix glib-2.0 returns on gcc2h. Do not forget about setarch x86.

setarch x86
pkg-config --variable=prefix glib-2.0