Haiku monthly activity report - 04/2018 | Haiku Project

Welcome to the fourth monthly report for 2018!

This report covers hrev51873-hrev51921.

Let's start with the most exciting developments this month: Korli started work on a 32/64 bit hybrid. The idea is to run a 64bit system, but allow 32bit applications to run on it. While we are just at the very first steps, it is a good thing that this is being worked on, as it will allow us to move more smoothly towards 64bit support.

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Noticing much code clean-up activity.

Very excited by the concept of a 32 bit-64 bit hybrid layer. It simply makes senses to have one and will hopefully be more elegant than running legacy 32 bit applications via a virtual machine.

Many thanks to all for their hard and productive work! I’ve been using the 32 bit build now for several months to do daily light tasks and have recently received an older intel 64 bit machine that I’d like to try Haiku-Os on. However I have not seen any images for x86_64 in the nightly images for several weeks and last I read the 64 bit build wasn’t making it to the desktop during the boot process yet. Can we start seeing a little commentary in the monthly summaries regarding the status of x86_64?



I have been using HRev51911, built on May 2, in both 32-bit and 64-bit variants with success.

The 64 bit build is booting to the desktop and has been doing so for the past few years. We plan to make it an officially supported architecture starting from beta 1. I would recommend using it if you don’t care about BeOS binary compatibility (and I expect by now it’s the case for most of our users)