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Hi there! We're back for monthly (or almost) reports! I was at the JDLL in early april, and while preparing for that I didn't have time to write a report, and no one else did it. So here we go with a 2 month report, prepare for something a little longer than usual. This report covers hrev52945-hrev53094.

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As always, thank you to the Haiku team! Always wonderful to read another Haiku report :smiley: Please don’t stop them from coming!

P. S. Sorry I haven’t contributed much lately (i.e. the ‘Haiku on Mac’ project has stalled), but I hope to finish what I’ve got pending soon.


Thanks to everyone involved for the hard work. It is very
much appreciated.


good news… thank you for your report…
Great work!!!


Btw, it didn’t get the front page but I wrote a little report on the JDLL.


As for catarea, I wrote it long ago after I crashed some program without saving work inside, and I managed to save the heap area with it before killing the program, and recover the text I wrote with the strings command.


I just gave my second donation to haiku Inc, you earn it all! thanks a lot for your work, I hope to see a sparc iso that boots on a sun blade 1500. thank you! Great work!