Haiku monthly activity report - 03/2018 | Haiku Project

Welcome to the third monthly report for 2018!

This report covers hrev51833-hrev51872.

Hrishi Hiraskar (one of our GSoC applicants) reworked the management of the shutdown phase. This revolves around both launch daemon and the BRoster, which collaborate together to coordinate system shutdown. Things must happen in a specific order to make sure all apps are properly terminated (leaving the user a chance to save his work if not done yet), and only then, system servers are stopped. There were some problemw with the existing implementation where it would be possible to start an application while another one was waiting for a save, and it could eventually lead to loss of work (a little unlikely, but still). We now have a better shutdown process which will make sure everything happens in the correct order.

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Thanks for another excellent monthly report.

Good to hear that many small things are being fixed…leading to a much improved user experience.