Haiku monthly activity report - 01/2017

Hello world!

Let’s see how 2017 goes in Haiku. This report covers hrev50830-hrev50928 (almost 100 or about 3 pushes per day).

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Good writing as usual.

Have you considered using DigitalOcean for the temporary buildmaster??

I don’t want to pay for this from my own pocket. First because I think that’s the job of Haiku inc, and second because if I stop paying and the service is shut down, it would put everyone into trouble.
So, if Haiku inc goes with that, or someone else pays for the server, then yes, it could work.

I will pay for the $20 pan, go look at it and tell me if its enough https://www.digitalocean.com/pricing/

link in op 404’d

edit: not anymore!