Haiku merchandise

It seems Haiku is gaining a bit of attention lately and I was surprised that there is no link to buy Haiku merchandise from the haiku-os.org site. Googling came up with https://www.cafepress.com/haiku_os which I hope is legit. If so, I suggest to add a prominent link as an alternate way to support the project.

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Makes only sense then the money webt to haiku to pay developers.


Yes, it is indeed official. I think it is linked from the Donations page already, and also other pages about the community?


I think we should see about updating some of that stuff. I personally would like some newer, “cool”, graphics t-shirts with some Haiku related stuff on it. As I recall Matt Madia handled this stuff before so it also became kind of stagnant once he left.

If any community members have some graphics skills this might be a nice way to contribute to the project.


Is there a t-shirt with a graphic of an open window (Haiku window) with a mug of beer in it, and the words “Keep my tab open”?


Why not make a call from Twitter? It would reach a broader audience than the community forums.

It would be great if there’d be:

  • New Haiku-themed wallpapers (non-photo)
  • A nice color palette for accent colours
  • Artwork for merchandise
  • A visual retouch of the system colours, to make it look more modern