Haiku menu organisation

After I installed some apps I got a very long menu and I have to scroll to find my searched app.
Does it be possible to re-organize the menu with some main menues like in other OS? Perhaps “System, Utilities, Network, Office, etc”, to get a better overview.


And on https://software.besly.de are my tool “MenuSorter”

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Is there the program Menu Sorter for Haiku 64 bit?

I lost my source code. if interested, I can try to recreate it for 64bit. But that can take a while

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The address https://besly.de doesn’t work.

try this: https://www.besly.de or software site: https://software.besly.de

Unfortunately I need a 64bit app. Doesn’t matter.

You can do it manually.

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@muffin, while the Menu Sorter software is not available for 64bits, Besly also has a tutorial on how to arrange your Menu hierarchy (https://besly.de/index.php/en/preferences/pattering-the-haiku-menu).

And this is the result:

It doesn’t take that much time to rearrange it. You can give it a try :wink:



I have complete the 64bit version, but i need to solve 2 little bugs before.

One problem stay on the end, you need to add every new installed program into the menu by hand (or Menu Sorter).

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Update: MenuSorter 64bit are available, Version 0.2

https://software.besly.de and HaikuDepot


and @roiredxsoto
Thanks. This is what I searched for. Good work. I will try it.