Haiku mentions on the internet

Haiku is mentioned here in second place, alongside other alternative OS …


and many of the features of BeOS haven’t quite been fully realized as yet.

I wonder which features that would be.

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Disk unmount (#12847). Low latency disk operation (#15585). Some Media Kit parts are not implemented or not work correctly (recent fix).


ah ok nice, but there are not many left then, very good to know!

REASONS TO AVOID: Slow release schedule

REASONS TO BUY +Free he or they forget to add.
Nothing to buy here!
Ah some work for our “Marketing Team”

Good to see that there is no more:

  • -No graphical package manager
  • -Poor hardware support
  • -For older PCs
  • -Sparse apps

Well, at least the only disadvantage is our “slow release schedule”. Although the developers are working very hard to have yearly releases, and there are proposals to have a faster release schedule.

The linked article has apparently been “updated” on October 2022 to summarise alternative OS going into 2023. Without access to the old article I cannot be sure if the Haiku entry has been changed, however the article still features all the things mentioned upthread.

Revived this thread because it’s not specifically part of beta 4 discussion. Perhaps TechRadar will review our new beta? They have done a proper review of Haiku in the very early days: