Haiku Logo

I’ve been looking for a large, high-quality, Haiku logo for a while yet no one seems to have one. So I figured I’d create one myself and share it with everyone.

I’m uploading two versions, all of them are 1600 x 378 pixels. The PNG version has a transparent background, and the TIFF version has a transparent background and has individual layers.

PNG - http://www.rit.edu/~bal8664/Haiku-logo.png
TIFF - http://www.rit.edu/~bal8664/Haiku-logo.tif

For anyone wanting to create thier own versions the font used is Century Gothic.

It’s so pretty. Haiku has such a nice logo compared to other OSes. 8) :wink:

Loved your logo so I used it to make some backgrounds. Enjoy

Download: http://www.digitaldarknet.net/soft/haiku_zen.zip
Images are 1600x1200 high res jpg, about 4.4mb zipped.

if someone wants a vectorial format there is the one that Genki gave me some time ago


I spent latest 2 days to draw a mascot for haiku, then I discovered that Haiku devs aren’t searchin for a mascot as it is written here
…I’m always too late, or too dumb to launch a query

just for hedonism