Haiku logo black missing as svg

As you can read at
there existing a white and a black Haiku logo.

The white one you can find as svg at
But there existing no black one at

The Wikipedia have two black logos.
One of it is in png format

and the other one is the old logo in svg format

More about old logo and new logo you can find at

I have now taken the white svg logo and have changed all #ffffff to #000000
Is the resulted one then the real Haiku black version or differs it in some points.
Still missing a place, where you publishing Haiku logos for download.

The black logo is not just about the text color. The color of the leaves is also slightly different, and so are the shadows/glows.
You can easily export an SVG from the original Wonderbrush files.

And where are the Wonderbrush files???

Here is Wonderbrush itself

But the Haiku Logo files are nowhere publihsed.

There existing only an eps file of the old logo

Sorry, I did not notice you were not pointing your links there already!
The files are in Haiku git repository, in vqrious formats including Wonderbrush sources:

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