Haiku Logo and Adobe Photoshop CS2 Logo

There might be a confusion between the two logos. Both have feathers as symbols. Although I think sometimes Haiku has leaves. The names are diffrent, but having a logo without the name is not good.

I’ve seen a screenshot where a feather is used as menu logo in Haiku. That is bad. Since in photoshop CS2 I think, the same blue feather is used as About logo.

From Wikipedia: haiku screnshot

I think in CS it was the green feather, but in CS2 is the blue one.

By the time Haiku becomes an adult, Adobe will have CS4 or something with a red feather. So all feather colours are bad.

And if it’s a leaf, what kind of leaf? I tries to looks like an oak leaf, but it needs bigger rounder crests. You have to know it’s a leaf. To me they look like feathers.

The photo on wikipedia is not the final look. It’s just what is in place until something better is put there.


So that means there MIGHT be futher name changes or logo changes?

If I have anything to say about it, there will be. :slight_smile: