Haiku Login Screen (Concept)

Greetings everyone:

It has been a bit since I’ve done some Haiku concept designs. Feel free to comment giving suggestions, or just general feedback.

Currently, Haiku (once booted) displays a nice looking splash-screen (https://www.haiku-os.org/files/images/installation_guide/1-boot-splash.png) and then the os boots to Desktop… but what about a login for passwords or multiple accounts?

I know that the whole login/password idea does add time to the boot, but it would enable multiple users to use Haiku, and that would attract a larger audience to the OS… and it’s quite a simple login, no moving graphics or animations, just a simple, fast login.

I have three concept designs, so tell me which one you liked, and why!




Well, I hope you like 'em!


I think this was talked about quite early on in development, but I guess its not been deemed urgent at the moment, there’s plenty more pressing things to sort like wifi, drivers etc…

Number 3 looks good.

I can’t remember what the consensus between the developers was on how to handle multiple accounts, but it wouldn’t be part of Haiku any earlier than R2.

Anyway you should repost this on the design mailing list:

The login screen, is not something that I’m trying to implement, I just created them as more of a suggestion… I know that there are plenty more things that are more pressing for haiku. The design concepts were just me playing around with the design, nothing has been coded or added. I just use photoshop and whatnot to create them. They (the login screens) don’t actually work. It was more of a ‘wouldn’t this be cool’ kind of idea. Thanks for the comment!


I like the second one, simply enough because it is different than anything out there, whichto me represents Haiku. Would it be possible to round off the sharp dialogue box corners? Just a thought. Great work. Nicolas

@vooshy I like that one as well its simple… as far as what could be added to it… I think an on screen keyboard is a must now that many computers have touchscreens.

without the intention to insult you personally… i must say:

Your concepts are very bad, and purely without any sense.

If you want to make a good concept of an login screen, then take a look at all famouse OSs and see how they did it, and try to make something that is better than everything together, something that is more userfriendly, more powerfull, more elegant/pretty.

Of course the implementation (c++ source code) is perhaps not that easy to make depending on the concept, but a developer can always simplify and make some compromises, but if you come from the beginning with a trivial concept that is not inspiring/innovative/futuristic then of course you wont find any ethusiastic dev to implement it.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll try my best to improve it. I’ve never really worked with login screens before, just thought I’d give it a shot. Either way, it won’t be any of these, just did it for fun.

Personally I prefer this screenshot of an app made by one of the Haiku Developers, yours seem too much like windows7 in my opinion. But we are talking Haiku R2 before a login screen will appear / become functional.

Hahaha, one guy says look to other OSes, another guy says this looks too much like Windows 7.

I’m a Haiku developer (though not as active these days), and I think these look decent. I like number three the most. Also if only we had a real sleep option…one day.

My main criticism is I think the label on the password box looks a bit too much like a button. I think we could get away fine just having a password box with a gray “Password” word in it which disappears when the input box gets the focus (which is also like Windows 7.) Though that is hard to show in a mock-up.

Also the OS X Lion login screen is pretty slick looking, though maybe the “fabric” texture is a bit silly:

It too has the “gray word that says password to indicate the password box”.

Personally the login thing from Francois is a bit too dorky, reminds me of Linux, in a bad way.

Anyhow, having multiple users probably will have to wait until R2, but it should be possible to implement a login screen for a single user which uses the password from the screensaver preferences.