Haiku LimeSurvey Instance

LimeSurvey is an open-source survey tool (similar to Google Forms) that we can host on our own server and use to create surveys like @kallisti5’s recent Haiku survey which was done using Google Forms. Since we will definitely be doing more surveys in future, it might be a good idea to consider a Haiku LimeSurvey instance so we can easily run surveys with virtually no limits (some survey solutions put limits on responses and questions) or worrying about privacy issues etc. with Google Forms (some members of the Haiku community may be reluctant to use Google Forms). You can find out more here:

Some considerations though:

  • The addition of a LimeSurvey instance means One More Thing to maintain for our sysadmins
  • LimeSurvey also needs dependencies like PHP and a database too, which need to be set up

For any sysadmins who are reading this, and for anyone who is curious in general about the work needed to set up an instance, see here:

What does everyone else think? Do we need a LimeSurvey instance?

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I think it is a good idea and probably you should create a “task” ticket at dev.haiku-os.org in the “sysadmin” category to ask the sysadmins about it.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve created the ticket: