Haiku? It (probably) runs Doom (if you compile it!)

Some time back, while before the recent beta release of Haiku, I had turned to the nightly releases to keep up with all of the changes going into Haiku, so I remember some of the early days of the Haiku Depot and pulling packages together.

But there’s one thing I enjoy doing with new operating systems is finding and running a port of a little game we all know and love: id Software’s classic, DOOM! Hence, the title of this topic! :wink:

I know that there’s a version of Chocolate Doom, a popular Doom source port, available on Haiku; I even found a page documenting how to install it in Haiku here. However, this page is already a few years old, and I’m not sure if its information would still be relevant to the beta release of Haiku. What I’m also more surprised about is why this isn’t a package that’s readily available in HaikuDepot to begin with!

While the version listed on that link is a bit old (it’s 2.2.1 of Chocolate Doom, and the current release is 3.0.0), it’s still functional, but perhaps a porting of the current version (details here) would be more logical.

I can probably compile the source in Haiku and create builds, but how would I go about creating packages for easier installation, or to add to a repo for HaikuDepot?

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File under “derp, I didn’t look hard enough”! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a start, but it just needs a package icon and a categorization.

Do a Google image search on ‘Haiku Doom icon’. Check out the first result. If you like it, download it here:
www.xs4all.nl/~rrvvww/HBBIv5.6.1.zip :stuck_out_tongue: