Haiku isn't BeOS

haiku isn’t BeOS…we want to have the spirit of BeOS but not the legacy of be inc, which failed. So why is haiku going to be so much like BeOS if the whole spirit is start from scratch and do things the Right Way?

I think part of the answer is the community was also part of the spirit of BeOS. You can get a bunch of guys to build a ‘future’ OS from scratch but without the community, it’s nothing. Just a flashy toy, like all the others that won’t go anywhere. You can throw out code but you can’t throw out the people. That’s what the other OS’s don’t get (and Be Inc also didn’t get when they announced their focus shift)

remember the old Be Inc? That feeling.

Haiku depends on the community so that once r1 comes, we can be proud of the accomplishment, take a deep breath and take the next step.

I love BeOS and want more. It could be Zeta or Haiku, but I’m still calling it Be.