Haiku is on Distrowatch now

It seems Haiku has been added to Distrowatch : http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=haiku

That is so cool!

How exciting. I hope it means that the project will be getting more publicity in the future. Just imagine when the next release happens, it will be on the front page of Distrowatch. Also, it feels like it is now being more respected by the alternative OS community. Fun stuff!

I don’t know weather to accept this as a complement or as an insult! lol On the one hand, by being on distrowatch Haiku will get more visibility. On the other, Haiku is grouped together as just another Linux/BSD distro! In my opinion, it would do more to confuse prospective users than enlighten them. By being on distrowatch, countless people will assume Haiku is a Linux distro at least at first.

As the adage says “You only get one chance to make a first impression”, I wonder if Haiku being listed at distrowatch.com would be good first impression? Of course I could be “making a mountain out of a mole hill”, what do you think?

I absolutely meant this to be a compliment. If I recall correctly, some years ago, distrowatch only used to include Linux distros, not BSD. Examine this bit from their FAQs for instance:

Originally, the site covered Linux distributions only. However, after numerous requests from readers, BSDs and BSD-based projects were added to DistroWatch in May 2004. The reasoning behind this move was simple - Linux and BSDs have much in common - both are free and open source operating systems, and they both use many of the same open source packages available on the Internet. Best of all, the various BSD flavours are widely used and considered by many to be great operating systems.

However, notice now, that the slogan for Distrowatch is in fact “Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.” So it may have taken some time, but eventually BSD became recognized and not just lumped in as another Linux distribution.

Seven years later, a completely new different breed of operating system is added to Distrowatch. For Haiku to show up on Distrowatch, there must have been a reason. I am thinking that there is really only one reason that a new operating system would be added to Distrowatch. Keeping that in mind, please reread the quote above and replace instances of BSD with Haiku, then you will understand what I am thinking. I would take this as a huge complement and validation that Haiku is in fact something great.

It is listed as OS Type: Other OS. A quck search shows that the only other OS under that label is MINIX, which, of course, has a history with Linux from way back. ReactOS? not listed. Plan 9? Nowhere to be seen. The Hurd? [dissolves into helpless laughter]

So, yes, I would take it as a compliment. The Linux techies are taking our little hobby OS seriously. We might even pick up a few developers from this.

Distrowatch sees potential, in my opinion.

Yeah Haiku is leavin’ the infancy, the adolescent and now is an adult, now can leave the HOUSE and in the wild… on DistroWatch

You must be proud, it is such a big man now :slight_smile:

I hope to see soon changed that slogan in:
Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD, Haiku

…remember Haiku, our young boy, is not Linux, neither BSD, Haiku is… Haiku… is BeOS!