Haiku is my daily machine

With this post I basically like to thank all developers of Haiku for their food job.

A few days ago I installed Haiku successfully on my laptop hdd and it runs stable. I haven’t seen the KDL yet. :smiley:

I’m running a Nextcloud for more then 3 years now at home as my personal cloud for all office documents of the whole family. All new documents and letters will be scanned and as pdf files saved. As pdf is an universal and “official” standard for document storage I can do my office tasks on nearly every computer. In fact I use my chromebook for office work.

Haiku provides everything I need for my tasks. I use Calligra Suite and BePDF or Okular. WebPositive open most of the web sites and if not, I try Otter. VLC Media Player plays almost all music and TV streams.

I like Haiku very much because it is not Linux. It has its own flair and own design. It is simple to use (I use parallel FreeBSD 12 and their are plenty of config files to adjust.) and “just works”. That is for me a big point.

I know, there is much too do in Haiku and I’m looking forward to the next beta 3.

Again: Thank you, devs.


There is also StreamRadio that can play some online stream while you are at work :slight_smile:



So awesome to hear you are enjoying Haiku! Not to go too off topic, I would personally be interested in how you set up NextCloud. I would also like to have this setup.

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I use a Raspberry Pi 4 with a Nextcloud image. It is easy to install and works fast. The cloud only works in our LAN. I connect from outside with VPN.
Nothing special.

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StreamRadio looks very good. But sadly it doesn’t work here. I’m not able to search. It doesn’t matter, which Keyword I fill in. Nothing happens.


Where or how can I find radio stations? I have only the choice of the Community Radio Browser. The website is full of stations, but the app finds none of them.

you can use qmplay2 and hear radiostreams there…

On StreamRadio they changed the way to search for Webradio-Stations.
Could not find out by myself, so I use Qmplay2 now.
StreamRadio was updated recently…

VLC is also an option: open the playlist.m3u file with VLC


Ah, okay. Thanks.

VLC can handle radio streams and podcasts too


This also works for me to listen to radio streams: Clementine Music Player






There’s a PR in the works that should fix this.

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I use Qmplay2. Works fine. But I will try StreamRadio again.

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Because I’m no dev I don’t know what to do here. I never worked with github.
Shall I install the whole StreamRadio from github with gitclone?
Where can I find a guide or a howto to install a from a source into Haiku? I searched with Google but did not find a guide for Haiku.

I’ll try to learn it, but I only can write a little python. C++ is new for me.

I only intended to let you know that help is on the way, once the PR is merged, the haikuports recipe updated, and the new version hits HaikuDepot.

But if you want to build from source directly, it’s easy and getting the code is no different than on any other platform:

  1. Clone the repo:
    git clone https://github.com/HaikuArchives/StreamRadio

  2. Enter the cloned folder:
    cd StreamRadio

  3. To get the changes for the PR, I have this extremely handy little snippet in my ~/config/settings/profile:

     function getpr() {
     	git fetch origin pull/$1/head:pr$1;
     	git checkout pr$1;

    With it, you can easily checkout a specific PR with e.g. getpr 39.

  4. Build the app:
    The details are specific to the app, of course.
    a) You first have to make sure you have all the dependencies needed for building. For StreamRadio that is just libxml2, so: pkgman install devel:libxml2.
    b) StreamRadio’s Makefile wants to put the executable in a “dist” folder, so create it with mkdir -p dist.
    c) Build with make and after a short while you find the binary in the ‘dist’ folder you just created.

(Edited to add: if you need the localized strings, do a make bindcatalogs after the regular make.}


That sounds good. I will try it when I am at home. :smile:

Hey nice small tutorial again, I love that kind of simple examples on how to do things! Thanks Humdinger

The only thing it to find this useful tutorial/tip later on…

So this is work for @lelldorin and @lorglas for the Haiku-Sly/Be-Sly Website of tips!


I am a new forum member and a FreeBSD user too but I never tried Haiku. I am thinking to give it a try to install on the new for me but used laptop with dual boot with FreeBSD. A laptop has AMD Vega8 Graphics (Thinkpad) which I think is not supported yet and I hope it will work with scfb driver.

Haiku: It is a great work.


Two years later, I am back again. Now with a new account (the old account is lost). It’s me, muffin.
The old problems with wifi and adjusting the brightness on my laptop are now solved in Beta4! I am very happy.
Again I installed Haiku (Beta 4) on my laptop, without virtualbox. It runs stable on my Asus TuFGaming 705GM. The brightness can now be adjusted and my eyes are so thankful. Internal wifi works very fine (802.11 ac!). The touchpad doesn’t work but that doesn’t matter.
The whole laptop works very good now and I start again with Haiku as my daily machine. Many thanks to all the devs!


Which browser are you using?

Sorry to bother you after a two years delay (this thread just popped up among recent ones), but I like very much your wallpaper, where can I get that?