Haiku, Inc. sponsoring hardware purchases for RISC-V port | Haiku Project

RISC-V is an interesting, relatively new and open source hardware platform. The inventors of RISC-V created a company called HiFive and that company recently released a desktop-class System on a Chip (SoC) board called HiFive Unmatched. Long before this release Haiku developer Alexander von Gluck (kallisti5) had pre-ordered this board and had begun work on the Haiku port to RISC-V, making some progress on the boot loader, u-boot support and memory mapping.

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Great initiative! :+1:
Doing a small donation to Haiku, Inc to support this sponsoring.


How can some of us donate to support this specific work?


General donations to Haiku, Inc. will help us replace any money used to support this effort. If you would like to donate directly to X512 his PayPal is listed in this forum post: Call for Haiku Inc. and Haiku community. RISC-V port

More hardware is needed to build a complete computer with the HiFive Unmatched so I am sure X512 would appreciate some help there. He has told me that once he gets the board next week he will start a new forum thread to track his progress.


i have a older radeon hd5450 card that’s free to the cause !!