Haiku, Inc. Now Accepting Donations Through GitHub Sponsors | Haiku Project

We are proud to announce that Haiku, Inc. is now accepting donations through GitHub Sponsors.

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Is there any chance to accept donations using SEPA transfer/invoice or credit card sooner or later?
I’d really like to donate,but I don’t use Paypal and I have good reasons not to.
I also don’t want to trust Micro$oft for money stuff,but from what I’ve read so far it’s again only Paypal as well?
Accepting only Paypal through Liberapay doesn’t make that any better,unfortunately.
It’s a great platform if Stripe is accepted so I can simply do a SEPA transfer.

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Maybe the HSA can accept those, they are based in the EU directly.

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I’ve just checked their website and yes,they do accept SEPA transfers.
But donations to them fund events like BeGeistert or CodeSprint,which I also really like,but it doesn’t directly contribute to funding waddlespashs contract or infrastructure costs and similar stuff.

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My credit card balance shows an exchange rate Euro to Dollar of 10! It seems wrong. It should be 1.
Where should I report this?

I suppose at GitHub.
I chose to donate in $US anyway. My PayPal receipts show the exchange rate to EUR correctly, yesterday that was 1 EUR = 0.969808 USD.

I also donated in $US. The credit card balance shows (for example): donated 100$ - I have to pay 10€
exchange rate: 10

No idea what’s going on. It’s all OK for me. 25 USD equates to just under 25 EUR, says my PayPal info and also my monthly VISA balance.

However, if you pay $10 and Haiku gets $100… Carry on. :slight_smile:


Looks ok for me too, latest change rate is 1 EUR = 1.0025 USD

I asked @leavengood about this and he set it up today, so now you can do SEPA transfers to Haiku, Inc. via Liberapay/Stripe. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much,I’ll do that :smiley:

Github or the credit card company have now corrected their mistake.

Unfortunatelly no new business model for Haiku :upside_down_face:

Sorry for the delay,I totally forgot about that until I spoke about donations with someone today :confused:
I’ve set up a weekly donation of 5 euro on Liberapay now and the first 65 euro are paid already :tada:
Liberapay also accepts American Express using Stripe btw,not only SEPA,that makes it a lot more comfortable for me.


Switched over to donating through GitHub today.

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