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@brunobastardi : At the moment I’m not doing anything with StreamRadio because there are two open pull requests (which have not been merged yet) with quite a lot of changes. Let’s wait until that is sorted out and see if there are any bugs left.


I could’ve sworn I saw 2.4.3, excellent work however!

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Great news! Are there plans to tackle crashes/glitches, disk encryption or virtualization (with Haiku as host)?

General ones, yes, and ones for which I know something about the hardware it triggers on, also yes. (Already I’ve fixed a variety of USB and NVMe-related ones over the past few weeks.)

There is (or was) DriveEncryption in HaikuDepot for this. Maybe it doesn’t work anymore though.

@KapiX is working on that at present. If he asks for assistance I’ll be happy to lend him a hand, but I don’t want to step on his toes :slight_smile:



Here is a kernel panic in VirtualBox. I trigger it by clicking “Create image” in BurnItNow:

Does DriveEncryption support encrypting the system drive? I was unable to find it in HaikuDepot.

This already has a ticket (reported years ago by me, actually, heh: #14003).

It does not yet, I don’t think, unfortunately.

You probably misremembers, it is on github not in the depot.

DriveEncryption worked before package management and needs to be reworked since its introduction. In fact, this is what led to the creation of launch daemon to allow packages to get more control on the boot process. But Axel didn’t have time to finish this work, so far.

That sums it up pretty much! It’s makefile can create a package that can be installed, but it’s Login application hasn’t been adapted to the launch_daemon yet. Using it, you can automatically mount encrypted volumes on login. I don’t remember, but it should be possible to move /boot/home to an encrypted volume this way.

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There is also the tracker addon AESAddOn for individual files, but I assume that is not building correctly at the moment as is not appearing in HaikuDepot.

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Thanks for the suggestions. For me though, the system drive needs to be encrypted as well. I don’t want to think about the possibility of having files on an ecrypted drive get leaked to an unencrypted system drive because of thumbnails and what not.

Can it be used for non-boot data volume?

There used to be Truecrypt, which allows encryption of the entire system drive regardless of the system running on it. Truecrypt was discontinued though. Not sure what the best option is right now.

VeraCrypt is a continuation of TrueCrypt, but it doesn’t appear to support Haiku. On Linux we typically use LUKS, which is available either during install or through GNOME Disks.