Haiku, Inc. has hired an existing contributor to work on Haiku full-time! | Haiku Project

Slightly OT here, but which ones for example?

What TuneTracker / he says in that email is:
“Unfortunately, to this day, I’ve found no one at any level in the Haiku
organization who can point to a modern motherboard & processor that Haiku runs
unfailingly on.“
Now there is a goal to aim for!
One processor,one CPU, one Haiku!

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Good question. For my purposes, the only vital app that needs “fixing” (I’d use the word “improving”) is (fairly obviously) Web+. That must be on nearly everyone’s list.

That and LibreOffice are the two essential apps that I need to work well before I am able to switch to Haiku as my default OS. There are other things I’d like to work better, but I can live with them, and anyway they are continuing to improve.

I’m sure that having such a list to focus on would be useful for any new contributor to Haiku.

Along with software, there is also hardware, and I really need dual monitor support. But that’s it. I can always dual boot if there is some specialist application that isn’t and won’t be available on Haiku.

So, I’d be interested to see Vidrep’s list. I would, however, prefer him to list “important” rather than “better” apps. An app might be “better”, but that’s irrelevant if it’s not especially useful.

I’ve been running Haiku for months on my Dell laptop. I hardly have any crashes, outside known issues that will be solved over time. There’s a lot of hardware that it runs very well on. But Haiku is not stable, it’s Beta, Haiku can’t make promises (or take responsibility) about stable hardware, Haiku Inc. is not a hardware company like Apple.

If TT wants a single hardware platform to build their product upon, then perhaps in the near future the HiFive Unmatched might become just that? It is currently the reference application-level RISC-V platform. However, they may prefer to stick with x86 due to backwards compatibility with BeOS.

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It will only work if someone writes the drivers for it. Right now all developers have their own choice of machine. Some have big powerful workstations. Personally I have a small 12" laptop that I can easily carry around and write code on the go. Other people prefer a small desktop machine.

Also, if we focus on a single machine, it is at the disadvantage of all other hardware. And it could end up in a situation similar to ReactOS or MorphOS: only this single machine ever works, nothing else gets tested, and over time the selected machine becomes obsolete and it is very hard to update to something else.

Also, who is going to assemble and ship the machines? Haiku inc has no time or resources to do that at the moment.

TuneTracker does not have the money for that. They did offer some bounties (in the range of a few hundreds of dollars) for specific drivers development but that’s all they can commit to. It’s a small company.


Agreed, it was mentioned recently that Koder needs more work to replace Pe as the default editor, plus a V3 of Wonderbrush is waiting in the wings to be worked on.

Also, we need a good, fully featured clock app (something like the clock apps other OS’es have) because for some reason Haiku doesn’t have one yet.

There’s probably a lot more one could list. Not necessarily saying that all these need development contracts (a clock app could be a good GSOC project) but just putting this out there.


GZDoom is one, newest stable release of GZDoom is 4.3.1 and the haikuports version is only 2.4.3, but from what I’ve heard Chocolate Doom is updated and stable.

For me, this two apps are 3rd party apps and have nothing to do with system tools at all.

A simple text editior is enough.

A painting tool like artpaint is more a system app.

If your system spend all you need, we will nether get people making good software for haiku. Why should they?

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@bobsmith : Not that it matters too much but we were talking about HaikuArchives, where native Haiku applications (and some open sourced BeOS ones I think) are hosted. I`m very grateful that HaikuPorts and the porting community exists but I’m more interested in helping out with native apps, that’s why I was asking which specific applications @vidrep had in mind.

Oh, I apologize! Very new to this forum itself but not new to Discourse.

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@bobsmith: No problem at all, just wanted to clarify things a bit. :slight_smile:
Welcome to the Haiku forums!

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Specifically I was thinking of these two issues

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Thanks @vidrep , I’ve used StreamRadio in the past. I’ll take a look at it when I have some time. Maybe I can fix some bugs.

With aaa fresh/first install, you cannot add new radio stations.
If you had sreeamradio installed before you can play this old, saved radio stations.
Just for info…

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Yes, I am aware of that. However, that is not a fix.

I know that’s pretty off-topic here but there’s a cheap solution for the Wifi problem: WiFi-Bridge Vonets VAP11G WLAN Adapter | Kaufland.de
The built-in Wifi of my computer isn’t supported,too.
I first bridged Ethernet using my Raspberry but as that was difficult to handle,I bought the Vonets Wifi Adapter and it works like a charm,even better than the built-in Wifi connection of my Laptop which is supported.


I just wanted to point @BlueSky to the problem.
It could help him to look straight into the problem, saving him time to investigate…

Where did you get 2.4.3 from? We’re currently at 3.8.2 https://depot.haiku-os.org/gzdoom

Wow. Really nice news! Excellent use of the funds.