Haiku, Inc. Financial Reports

It is quite late, but I have uploaded the Haiku, Inc. 2020 Financial Report to the Haiku, Inc. website.

Quite a bit of the delay was me procrastinating, but some of it was wanting to make a new format, which I did do. Now that I have that I should get the 2021 report out in record time.

For anyone who just wants the high-level details:

  • Income: $17,585.19
  • Expenses: $2,497.43
  • Income - Expenses: $15,087.76

While 2020 was not super exciting, 2021 was very interesting, but the full details will have to wait until that report, which I’ll try to finish and upload in the next week. Obviously I’ll add a new message here when that happens.


Well, as promised, I have finished the Haiku, Inc. 2021 Financial Report.

It came together a bit faster than I thought, which is good. Finishing it within almost a week of the new year seems pretty good to me, but maybe not very impressive when 2020 was quite late. But things are improving.

The high-level details:

  • Income:: $24,648.78
  • Expenses: $17,270.29
  • Income - Expenses: $7,378.49

Expenses were up quite a bit mainly from having contractor payments for waddlesplash, though we also bought a couple expensive RISC-V boards. But of course all these details and more can be found in the report.

After this I’ll take a break on Haiku, Inc. work for a bit and then maybe in a week or two or three I’ll get back on finishing our GitHub Sponsors page, which I don’t think needs much work. I do have some other Haiku, Inc. projects I’d like to do this year as well, but I also really want to do some coding again, and that should be easier with the financial reports done.