Haiku, Inc. Financial Report for 2023 is now available | Haiku Project

The Haiku, Inc. financial report for 2023 is now available on the Haiku, Inc. Documents page.

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Thanks for doing such a good job with this, it is mostly invisible work, untill something goes wrong. So kudos : )


The exchange rate for EUR->USD seems to be wrong (again). The report claims to use an exchange rate of 0.95, but actually seems to use an exchange rate of around 0.905 when it should be using an exchange rate of around 1.105.

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La voilà ,
my simple haiku
… as a

Thank you !


Finally arrived
- as an evangelium -
your post … among us !


You are right, the rate I used is 0.905, which is the inverted rate, USD to EUR, I think I did that last year too and just loaded up the same site. I will fix it, thanks. Next time I should DM you the report first. Not kidding. Or leave myself a note to use the ECB site next year.

The good news is this means all our EUR is worth quite a bit more USD when you use the proper rate…

The report has been updated. The only change is the various totals with EUR inputs, mostly PayPal but also the Flattr assets. As noted this increased our income a good amount, making the difference between income and expenses in USD around $600, not $90.