Haiku, Inc. Financial Report for 2022 is now available | Haiku Project

The Haiku, Inc. financial report for 2022 is now available on the Haiku, Inc. Documents page.

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Seems like I can’t comment on the announcement post, but the EUR->USD conversion rates in the financial report looks wrong. It’s listed as 0.944107 as of December 31, 2022, but the rate at that time was more like 1.0666 (that’s what the ECB shows for December 30, 2022) - it looks more like the inverse rate?

I have moved your message to the right place. @leavengood you may want to check that?

Sorry about not being able to reply to this post. I was trying to edit it to show I authored it but I ended up messing things up. When trying to fix it I thought Announcements made sense as a category but then maybe people can’t comment there…

If someone with more experience with this forum software wants to adjust that, please do.

As for the EUR to USD rate, you are right, I must have gotten the inverted rate. I will check a few sites and try to get the right rate. Xe.com shows 1.0732 right at midnight on Dec 31, 2022 so I will likely use that.

I will make that change and adjust the report some time today. It changes a lot of things unfortunately. Also maybe I can remove my discussion about our assets seemingly going down due to the low EUR rate, since that probably isn’t the case now. Though that is probably a good thing overall.

Thanks for letting me know.


The PDF report has been updated with the correct EUR conversion rate, and all the converted dollar amounts were adjusted. I removed the commentary about our USD assets going down due to the low EUR rate as that is no longer the case.

Thanks again for noticing this @cmeerw!


FYI…Amazon Smile is going away, as a donation vehicle.

@leavengood, any plans to bump the yearly donation goal?

Yeah, I saw that. I don’t think we will have much of an alternative there, as it seems Amazon is focusing more on donating to causes they want, and I doubt Haiku will be in that list.

We could, I am not sure how much that affects what people actually donate though. If we bump it, maybe we can go to $25,000 or $30,000.

Anyone can change it with a PR to our website, it is just a JavaScript variable here: website/donationchart.js at master · haiku/website · GitHub

Yup…it didn’t amount to much, but I buy a lot on amazon and it was nice that some of that was going to help out…albeit a small amount.

change it to 500k, look serious, sound serious


$50k is a reasonable amount for a single full-time developer, but it needs some backing. For instance, Kdenlive has recently done a fundraiser, but they have listed all their main and stretch goals, so that people were encouraged to donate. Otherwise, asking for plain $50k, and saying “give us the money and we’ll work on stuff” is not encouraging much.

Even if we fail to reach the goal, it would give a moment to rethink the strategy and adjust accordingly.


ask for 500k, and make it clear, gire 6 full time devs to get haiku to R1, make webpositive competitive to gnome etc set a aspirational goal of 12 months, start raising cash with a purpose.

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The closest thing to Amazon Smile is Goodshop, which seems to run on coupon codes and discount offers from partnered stores (from what I can tell they donate X% if you use the code they provide or go to an offer): https://www.goodshop.com/

Seems like there are some well-known brands on there, like Staples, Apple, Best Buy, and Sennheiser. Probably won’t have the massive range of items that Amazon Smile had (since that was basically the “normal” Amazon with the added donations to non-profits), but it seems like a pretty good alternative at first glance.

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Honestly not too sad about amazon smile ending, seems better to donate money to Haiku Inc directly than to be overcharged for a product so some company can donate it to get a tax refund.


But if you’re buying stuff from Amazon already, it’s nice to know that some money goes to a charity, even if Amazon’s motives aren’t entirely noble.

Goodshop (and Goodsearch, a search engine that gives 1c per search to nonprofits) are already available options for Haiku inc donations for many years. https://www.goodshop.com/nonprofit/haiku#filter-amount

This is a good idea. If 500k is too much, it could be done progressively by hiring some this year and the additional others next year (rising again the fundraising goal). Also listing the goals has proven to be effective. Not entirely related, but “My progress on X project” kind of topics here are huge success and attracts a lot of attention, allowing readers to see in real time the progress step by step.

A goal “make WebPositive usable on the modern web and competitive” is strong enough because a lot of people is not happy with the almost monopoly of Google browser’s prying eyes and the status of Firefox in addition to the scandals from Mozilla, and are looking for an alternative open source browser.

Using waddlesplash’s contributions as a measure of what could be done could be great. Saying “We paid him and he got all these things done.” could be a great incentive to encourage donations. Similar to stretch goals on GoFundMe and the like you could say “For x amount we could hire one developer, see here what was accomplished using one guy the past year. Double the amount and we’d have the opportunity to accomplish so much more.”, this would be without the risk of making promises to keep and hopefully keeping expectations at a reasonable level.

Just state that if you get the funding you’d employ someone to work on certain tasks with the hope that they’d get their work done like most other employers. If he gets it done? Great, here’s to another year. If not? There are consequences if you don’t do your job, like everywhere else.

Using/listing @waddlesplash’s this year’s achievements is a great idea to get more donators.