Haiku Inc. and BrightFunds

Hi all,

In most large techie organisations like VMware Inc who I work for, there is the opportunity for matched employee donations to charitable organisations. With the @waddlesplash employment announcement (Yey!) it only just occurred to me that Haiku Inc is a 501(c)3. (as per the below link) This makes it eligible for these tech company matched donation programmes.


Is there a plan to register Haiku Inc for Brightfunds? If not, if its something that is desirable I can make contact through the VMware Brightfunds people and work with someone at Haiku Inc to get you registered, potentially?

We could potentially after that run a webinar to advertise this fact in ours and other companies…

Please advise what the community would like to do.



Any help here is welcome. I believe we are registered with Benevity at least, and get a bit of donations from there. If we can get corporate matching for donations that could make a big difference. So let’s get setup with Brightfunds and whatever else we can.


OK great. I’ll need to provide a Haiku Inc contact. If you can PM or email me at adamf at vmware dot com with contact details I can pass them on.