Haiku in http://alternativeto.net


I’ve been adding applications that run in Haiku to http://alternativeto.net

I think it is interesting to know alternative to applications in Windows/Linux that run in Haiku, to increase ease of use.

The list of applications tagged as available for Haiku are here: http://alternativeto.net/?platform=haiku most of them added by myself :slight_smile:

It will be nice if anyone wish to add other applications to the list, lets make Haiku more visible!


my propositions:

native apps:
beam -> alternative to sylpheed / claws mail / i.scribe
beezer [yes, its working on haiku] -> winzip / winrar / 7zip / lzarc /
Torrentor > alt to transmission / qbittorrent /
VopTop > alt to skype / gizmo5
CL-AMP -> alt to winamp
APlayer -> alt to modplugplayer
BeShare -> alt to gnutela / azureus
Genesis Commander > total commander / free commander / unreal commander
BeFAR > total commander / free commander / unreal commander
Globe HTML Editor >

Hey! Thanks for the suggestions! I am testing the apps and adding them to alternativeto :slight_smile:

Cool! This topic is being really useful, I discovered a lot of new and useful applications, most of them are more impressive than I thought possible in the current state of Haiku. Also added most of them to alternativeto.net.

Keep the suggestions coming!

BeZilla -> alt to FIrefox
BeZilla Mail -> alt to thunderbird, PAN
PE -> Notepad++,

QT Ports:
S.T.E Editor -> Notepad++
QDevelop [not yet released] -> QtCreator, Delphi

…And now, everyone click ‘like’ on these apps on alternativeto, please. Of course if You use them.

Caya > alt to pidgin / facebook messenger
HaikuTwitter > Twitter

QT ports:
Vacuum IM > alt to pidgin
FaceBook for Haiku > Facebook
NetLeaf [yet unreleased] > uGet, getright, orbit downloader, free download manager

Beezer that works on haiku is here: https://bitbucket.org/cpr/beezer/downloads