Haiku iconset for Krita

I am working on a Haiku iconset for Krita.
What do you think about it?
Make it by default for Krita?

Open image


Looks great! Any plans to do the same for other apps? It would be cool if all apps were styled similar to the rest of the OS.

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Most Qt applications already use such a Haiku iconset – at least VLC, LibreOffice, Otter, etc. all do :slight_smile:


That’s good - do you know of any other non-Qt apps that might not use the iconset?

Most Qt/KDE applications use a common set of icons from the iconet (Calligra, KolourPaint, Okular, DigiKam, etc.). But not all of them. For example Krita has two sets of its own icons (for dark and light themes) and does not know how to use system icons. LibreOffice also has only its own icon sets (it can’t use system icons).

Maybe someone could try making an icon set just for LibreOffice using Haiku icons?

Nice work, @3dEyes !!

Maybe someone could try making an icon set just for LibreOffice using Haiku icons?

I started doing, but there is a very large set.


Look good 3dEyes

Haiku iconset + haiku widget style:



Looks great!

I had no idea that Krita would even run on Haiku. I need to re-consider my stance on Haiku as a whole.
And whether it’s a good fit for a daily driver. I really only need a Solitaire game and the like to entertain me.
Krita being able to run on Haiku is a additional bonus.

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Welcome to the forums!

We’re getting there as a daily driver: we already have some popular apps: LibreOffice, Arduino, Blender, TuxMath, and much more available in HaikuDepot. Give it a try! Maybe you’ll be surprised at what Haiku can offer as a daily driver…

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nice idea. loving both – haiku and krita.