Haiku HDA driver bugs out with Virtualbox 6.1

See title. Version is R1B2. Mixer says “mixer not found”.


I have tested a Linux ISO, and it worked fine. Interestingly, there were no issues in Virtualbox 6.0…

Interesting, I have the same problem. AC97 seems to work tho. Will try hda with VirtuaBox 6.0.

AC97 works for me too. QEMU HDA also works fine.

I also use Intel HD Audio for haiku on VirtualBox but don’t have any problems! I even could play SuperTux (of course with sound working!). Mine is also VirtualBox 6.1.

I use macOS as a host. Maybe that’s why?

It could be, since VirtualBox differs from host to host. At least on OpenIndiana system, it doesn’t support USB device passing to the guest OS but on Linux and Windows it just worked fine.