Haiku hangs up when trying to update

I installed Haiku Beta1 (hrev 52295+96) in VirtualBox. Every time I try to update it, it hands up. I even changed the repos, using this method: IMPORTANT: Repository changes. It still hangs up. Any idea why?

I have had that issue with the b1 release and vbox defaults.
As for a workaround, you can install the latest nightly, then follow the guide here:

The most important thing there is to make sure you are using intel pro wifi.

Which type of virtual network card do you have configured for that VM? Intel Pro/1000 MT Server should work best. Some of the others, especially the AMD PCnet cards are known to cause problems.

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I would have to look, but when I try to update Haiku it downloads a package or two and whole system locks up.

As @oreo639 said, check the virtualization guide. You’ll need to set the “Intel Pro 1000 Desktop” network adapter in the VirtualBox network settings.

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I had the same hang up issue in VirtualBox when trying to update, your network adapter fix worked perfectly! Thank

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