"Haiku Got Awesome. Really Awesome." - Very flattering new Haiku review on YouTube


Haiku has always been awesome!

Indeed. :slight_smile:
Although, it’s flattering, because few things he wanted to show actually worked. At least when he strayed from the awesome Haiku native path and explored the more experimental wilderness of incomplete WINE support etc.

The results with 3rd party software may have been more positive had he stuck with the more tested stuff (and maybe try the software for 10 minutes before rolling the camera). Also maybe some native stuff, like the very awesome ArtPaint… :smiley:

Anyway, I like the guy and his enthusiasm! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Hope there will be more videos in the future.


I like him but sometimes he looks a bit shallow when it comes to software and much more focused on the hardware.
Sometimes his enthusiasm does not match the results, too.
In the end, I really enjoy his videos and hope he publishes more and more (about Haiku, of course).


He seems to be a fan of the 1990s internet computer reviews as far as how he vocalized his review.

He should have tested things before trying to review them. All that we really saw was how fast Haiku boots up and what things don’t run with 10% for things that do run.

If you REALLY want to see how Haiku is meant to run, you could actually go back to Be’s video that they made themselves back in 1995? which can be found here → BeOS DEMO VIDEO - YouTube AND you get to hear the Be theme song.

As far as the review for Haiku video? I wouldn’t send this to my friends who want to see what Haiku is like. I found it “goofy” at best.

Well, it convinced me to check out Haiku. I’d heard of it before, seeing its name mentioned every once in a while in alternative OS lists. I was a staunch Amiga fan from '86-'95, and Haiku reminds me of it in some ways. Today I run Linux Mint on all my several computers and laptops, but it’s a bit heavy for some of the older ones, and hearing good things about Haiku in the video led me to install it on one, an HP Pavilion DM1.

It took a couple of tries, but I got it installed OK, but am having no luck with wifi. Nonetheless, Haiku has piqued my interest.