Haiku from a pendrive

Is it possible to install Haiku from a pendrive and not a CD-ROM?

Please check this page:


There you’ll see a link with some instructions on how to use a USB stick. You’ll need to use one of the RAW images instead, however.


Good luck!

Thank you sir!

Hey Urias,

I have been experimenting with booting haiku from a flash drive since a few days before the alpha was released. In my experience, a flash drive prepared following the instructions in the guide you linked to, will boot on most laptops but I have had problems booting that type of drive on several desktops including my Intel D945GCLF2(Atom) motherboard.

I tried partitioning my flash drive, installing haiku on it’s own partition and running makebootable on it. That didn’t work at first but after writing a “standard windows” MBR to the flash drive it booted on my D945GCLF2 system which was progress. I have since tried it on eight more desktop PCs and it only booted on three.

In search of a better bootloader than the “standard windows” MBR, I found a way to boot from the flash drive using the GRUB bootloader. This is working very well so far but I haven’t tested it on seven of the eight additional desktops yet. I posted the procedure to the haiku-development mailing list but my hotmail email did something wierd to the post. I would like to contribute it as a guide to be included on the haiku web site if anybody’s interested.

As an added twist, I added the ubuntu live/install environment to the flash drive along the way. This gives me a flash drive that can boot into either haiku or ubuntu and allows me to use linux partitioning tools to resize partitions to prepare for a haiku (or ubuntu) installtion!

I primarily use linux so this was done from the linux environment so people who only use windows will probably not be able to use it. Chances are people who only use windows will not be reading this.

If you can boil it down to something pretty simple (maybe have the Ubuntu Live CD partition part as an optional appendix) I think we would definitely be interested in documenting that on the web-site. Especially if it results in more reliable booting of Haiku from USB sticks.

I’ve seen there are new raw images for using on pendrives, but they are not available:


You don’t have permission to access /raw/haiku-nightly-r33411-x86gcc2hybrid-raw.zip on this server.

Try again, it seems this problem is resolved now :slight_smile:

thank you, it’s working now, however this latest version is having a kernel panic on my eeepc, so I’ll go back to the alpha1 which has also more software.