Haiku for operating systems course

Hi everyone,

I am planning a course on Operating Systems for next semester and I’m including Haiku in the curricula for programming assignments. I’d be really interesting to have some ideas on potential developments students could tackle and contribute to Haiku, probably in the areas of scheduling and processes, kernel profiling, file system design and kernel-space to user-space interfaces

If someone knows of some low-priority tasks that match these or other development needs, that’d be great. I am strongly interested in giving Haiku visibility in Costa Rica and create a local community within academia.



The proper place to post this would be the development mailing list as the developers do not monitor the forums much.

Hi Santiago,

As noted by bbjimmy, the developers who can provide sound advise to your inquiry do not frequent this forum; instead, sign up to the [aiku-development] mailing list from here…


…and send a message introducing yourself. I am pretty sure one or more of the Haiku devs will give you the kind of orientation you are looking for.

Welcome to Haiku!