Haiku for (amateur) astronomers

Hi all,

during the past (pandemic) weeks, I’ve started porting several tools and libraries widely used in scientific research. For amateur astronomers, in particular.

(side note: this is not that I’m particularly competent in the field, although I’m an hobbyist astrophotographer)

The reason for that is that I want to provide a consistent use-case for Haiku, providing tools for a specific (niche) of users for which Haiku could suit perfectly). I hope to create a couple of tutorials, too (ie. “Haiku for radio-astronomers” or something like that). Who knows me already knows that I consider mandatory to have a focused set of target audiences for Haiku and to provide them a reason-why for adopting the OS.

(another side note: this will be gamechanger the day will have Haiku on Raspberry. I can easily imagine hobbysh astronomists using Rpi with Haiku while going outdoor during observations. This is ofc not necessarly true for radio-astronomers as well)

The next step will be to (slowly) create native stuff for these POSIX stuff I’ve ported. I’m going to create a data translator for natively handling those specific file formats. I had no luck in finding specific tutorials on this. Where should I check?

many tnx and help appreciated!


i would suggest that you download the benewsletter as documentation… there is a lot of fun stuff :slight_smile: (its somewhere on haiku depot… on one of the 3rd party repos)
or online :smiley:
These newsletters helped me a lot back in the days. Also like the code examples… the codeexamples are also somewehre out there but i didnt remember where it was. :frowning:


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