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Hi there!

It's time for the monthly report for January (and half of February as well). This report convers hrev53715-hrev53874 and some real world activities.

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Fix was proposed by phoudoin in bug tracker (https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/15650#comment:1), I just adapt and push it to Gerrit.

The T5120 will be good for native testing, and package compiling, that said I wouldn’t call it powerful… I have a T2000 which is nearly the same machine (same T2 CPU), and always prefer to work on my Ultra45 even though it only has 2 cores they are much faster for interactive use then the T2 which also has anemic FPU performance as well. The T2 is a throughput machine… great server / bad desktop. I’ve been eyeing getting a T4 myself since they are cheaper now to replace my T2000. The T4 has good FPU and single thread performance also.

Note you have to go up to a T4 at least to get out of order execution as well as dual issue… all the previous ones are in order and achieve high IPC by using/abusing mutlithreading. A T4 is probably 10x faster for single thread workloads than a T1 or T2. And probably over 2x as fast as a T3 most of the time.

That should be a good fit for Haiku, right?

The levels of noise, lack of video output and form factor already make this machine a bad desktop system anyway. I think it would still be better than my Ultra60, but yes, this will probably eventually be a CI builder or something.

Anyway, we can’t really complain when we get the hardware for free :smiley:

Thanks, I’ll update the report to clarify.

You guys are cooking on gas at the moment!

Glad to hear there’s been some love for emacs/terminal compatability.

very busy months behind… amazing work!
Haiku works better and better…

Thx to all involved!

Actually you should be able to put a video card in there… the caveat is that some graphics cards require x86 instructions in thier vbios. Looks like it only has PCIe so an XVR-100 won’t work like in the Ultra 45. Not sure what cards may work acutally though they do mention the possibility in the manuals.

And no a T2 is not ideal for any interactive use as you’ll see it’s about as fast as a slug… I don’t even like using mine at the command like which is why I said I use my Ultra45 for integrative use. It is plenty fast if you throw a lot of integer threads at it, but not FPU threads so much as it still only has 1 FPU per core (shared between all threads on that core). T1 cpu in my t2000 only has one for the whole chip!

T4 is the first of the T series that I would seriously say it could be acceptable for desktop use like I said roughly 10x faster than a T2 which is especially obvious in singlethreading.

But yeah it should make a great CI builder I’d throw a cheap SATA SSD in there to help it along. (I should probalby donate a few bucks for that :slight_smile: .

Looks like an XVR-300 should work in there, they cost about $100 on ebay in the USA… you also need a DMS-59 to DVI/VGA breakout cable. That said it’s an ancient RV370 GPU…

You can probably get a modern PCIe GPU like a Radeon 550 or 560 to work… but the BIOS won’t set it up for you like on x86 since… since its open firmware and not a supported GPU.I wanted to experiment with this in my T2000 but it was a pain finding a GPU that wuold fit and I ended up breaking a GPU trying to chop off the extra PCIe lanes X.x since I didn’t want to modify the slot.

I’ll see if I can get an RX560 working in my Ultra45… since I have several laying around. I’d be happy to mail you one also if you want to give it a shot.

Great work keep on…

I don’t know what you are trying to say?