Haiku featured in a Techquickie video

YouTube channel Techquickie recently covered Haiku in a video about obscure or niche OSes:

Their Haiku used to describe the OS could’ve been better, though.

A very shallow review. Not only about Haiku, but of the other OS too. Apparently he only took pics from the internet and grab some info from Wikipedia.

At least, could had tested them in a virtual machine.

It’s not supposed to be an in-depth review or introduction, but rather making them more known to those who may not have heard of those OSes quickly. Hence the name of the channel, Techquickie.

They did do that in another recent video I think… at least for ReactOS… perhaps they will review Haiku for Beta2. They also use FreeBSD for some of thier NAS hardware builds.

We can kinda ask them to review Beta 2. Just leave a comment, I’m sure they’d notice.