Haiku, experimenting things, here and here

hi guys,

007 reporing for beos new teams, here I spent a little weekend to experience about few bugs and things there and there for haiku regarding several laptops…

2530p(64/efi) :
kb/mouse doesnt works (at all)
scren doesnt works starting at boot afte grub (efi) but works when desktop shows up
kb/mouse disabled then under lmde5 after immediate reboot to it (after reboot from haiku) ; reboot again to lmde solve the issue (2 reboot needed)
one of the walls (flurry) makes fuzzy the screen or crashes the system

1015cx(86/bios) :
screen definition is wrong (800x600 instead of 1024x600)
when bebook is opened through browser, doing file => exit creates a fatal system error

elitebook8440p (64/bios)
everything looks like to be working except software part :
blender just dont want to launch (from shortcut or menu), does absolutely nothing
gimp warns by : impossible d’ouvrir gimp : il manque le symbole [cant open gimp : symbol is missing] :: uuid_parse

others :

A. is it possible to have like a menubar, as kde was doing, as the same of behavior of macOSX?
[link on next post]

B. is it possible to disable the automatic shutdown/halt/poweroff when powerbutton is pushed? to replace it by a little powermanagement window (suspend/hib/reb/poweroff) it’s a bit disturbing if somebody wants to joke, or others situations…

C. is it possible to change the fixed image as a slideshow for wallpaper?
CBis. is it possible to force the screen resolution?

D. could rclone run on haiku?

E. could beos/hailu interface run on (open)bsd? (okay, Im certainly dreaming…)

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just for the A/menubar :

I understand why you want to share your experience here but, the forum is not a bug tracker. Haiku community is quite active and your post will probably be buried at the end of next week. So, if you expect things to change, I strongly recommend to read at least this and then to open tickets here.


Hi @hd99 and welcome!

Will try to answer your questions:

  • A. No, as it is not the BeOS interface paradigm. Also I am not sure it would play well with the stack and tile functionality which is key to Haiku usability, so do not expect this feature to be coming anytime soon (if ever).
  • B. Not that I am aware of, but it will be a nice addition (if suspend/hibernate work at some point).
  • C. No, but a third party program could (don’t think there is one though).
  • D. As it is a command line program working on most Unix derived OS, I think porting it should not be very difficult.
  • E. It is technically possible, but somebody needs to start this project, and it will not be an easy one. That being said there is an effort (outside of the Haiku project) to port the interface to Genode that could be used as a starting point. And several years ago an attempt was done to port it to Windows (but the project stalled).

Also, as mentioned in the previous post, please open tickets for feature requests or bugs!

From a quick glance it seems it needs “go” … so probably a nogo there :slight_smile:

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technically it could be ported, but…

You’ll likely get a worse experience, openBSD was never designed to be an OS to run part of haikus userspace on, haiku on the other hand is designed to do just that.

maybe to get a very handsome and glamour/sexy/user-friendly interface from belovers or newcomers of BeOs’family, in addition with the roots of the most secured operating system?
It’s an idea, nothing else…

regarding software whom might be ported to haiku, I thought about
sip/xmpp client
remote desktop (anydesk?)

wait, Im kidding =)