Haiku emulated on Android device

I have installed Haiku on an Android device today (smartphone in my case). I have tried by different way (Limbo emulator, lBosh emulator) and the only one that worked in my case was to use Termux terminal + Qemu emulator. That worked but it’s very low for now.

Watch the result on these pictures:

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I took the liberty and edited te topic to be more correct. :slight_smile:

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That’s most impressive. I am fed up with both Android and Apple.

You buy the phone, and then find that Google or Apple are controlling how you use it for their benefit.

This needs to change.


I wonder if the arm version of Haiku runs faster. My (limited) experience would indicate that it probably is.

there is no working arm version.


I agree totally, but imho the Haiku in a VM is not a solution for this. It’s just a very cool thing.

I am sure you are right, but hope springs eternal in the human breast.

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Compiling Haiku for Arm?



once you managed to compile it, you can join me in the ARM porting topic :grin:

Indeed, the ARM port is not ready. Haiku has a port status page that details the current status of all of the ports.